Travel improves your adventure experiences, lowers you to vertical cave and gives you truly of a dream vacation. Immense positive feelings and self-esteem that is part of every adventure class. It’s obviously no surprise why Jomblang Cave is such an immensely popular destination.

Set goals yours adventure
Establishing a goal for each travel (even if it’s just to one day tour!) creates benchmarks that you have indeed been to Yogyakarta and a sense of adventure vertical caving of Goa Jomblang. Eventually, you might find yourself setting even amazing goals, Jomblang Cave Yogyakarta Tour, “like removing over all of the best places in Yogyakarta or covering some different beautiful parks in one day tour to Jomblang cave.”

Slow Down
“Many people get discouraged at first because they want to run ‘fast, and feel a dream come true,’ then feel dejected and discouraged.” It meaning you should be able to talk on-the-go. JomblangCaveTours.Com/ “ensures you are building your confidence, to become more efficient, which is the key to go to Jomblang cave”.

Family Trip
Yes, it can be travel alone, but we say there’s plenty of ways to do. “Ask a friend & your family to see in a while to go with you,”. “Catch up miles the miles will fly by as you chat!” travel adds that your date could also be a romantic one. “Jomblang cave tour has many beautiful experiences couples who go together, stay together,”. “Take anyone for adventure passion in your Yogyakarta holiday. That light-heaven you can’t just ignore it — if you know what are says of Wonder-Nature.”

Treat Yourself – Jomblang Cave Dress Code
We hate to sound shallow, but sometimes there’s nothing like some new gear to get us going. “A simple outfit will make you do easy and comfort,” admins Goa Jomblang. Every tourist abides by this approach. “If you have time (and money), you will buy either a new pair of shorts for act as easy for all of the hard work that You’ve done up until then,”.

Maybe Jomblang cave tour isn’t for everyone, but you won’t know until you try — and these are ways to at least have amazing while traveling doing so. The best tip we can offer is to power through. “When you’re getting started, the fight is as much mental as it is physical,”. “You want to travel to be fun right away? We assure you, it’s not going to be. But once you can find the mental strength to push through the initial tough ones, the runs that follow will truly be a blast.” Let’s do in Jomblang Cave!.

Jomblang cave entrance fee 2019
The price of a cash entry ticket in Indonesian rupiah.
Public price at IDR 500,000 / person * applies in the 2019 * period !.

Jomblang cave location
The location of Luweng Jomblang is located in Pacarejo Village, Semanu District, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta of Indonesia.

How to get there
You can travel to Jomblang cave by yourself, using public transportation from the bus terminal Giwangan of Yogyakarta to Wonosari city, Gunung Kidul district. Then go by changing transportation in Wonosari with OJEK motorbike services to Semanu village, then asking local residents to show you the location of the cave.

The best way to go to Jomblang cave
Place an order through a tour agent who is an expert on Yogyakarta cave trips. You do not book a ticket, but it will be done entirely by your tour agent. There is no guarantee for your trip if you don’t use a Yogyakarta local tour agent !!!

Opening hours
Every day, the activities of Gua Jomblang will start at 10 am and end at 12 to 1 in the noon. You must arrive at the cave location before 9 am!

Do not place an order with an imitation tour operator about the trips of caves in Yogyakarta !!!