Mount Merapi
Located in northern Yogyakarta, Merapi Volcano is one of the most popular destinations in Yogyakarta There are countless tours that take place in the area surrounding the volcano, and for good reason! With a diverse selection of activities, it’s no wonder Yogyakarta has become the adventure capital of Indonesia.

Mount Merapi Tour
Without a doubt, the most popular and well-recognized of Yogyakarta’s volcanoes is Merapi. The Merapi Volcano is an asymmetrical cone-shaped volcano that dominates the fertile landscape of Merapi Volcano National Park. It was the country’s most active volcano. Although the Merapi Volcano is currently in a resting phase, the region offers an abundance of exciting adventures. While you cannot hike up the volcano itself, we recommend hiking through Merapi Volcano National Park with a local naturalist guide in search of adventure tour, making it home to a variety of traveler.

Yogyakarta Trekking
Swing your adventurous muscles in the Merapi and Merbabu trekking. Through the New Selo (trekking basecamp) Merbabu is also home to several travelers. Mount Merbabu trekking has been used as replacement trip during the Merapi hiking still closed. These Merbabu beauties tempt even the most experienced traveler – for a good reason! surrounded by jungle and shadowed by the beauty of the Merapi volcano after a night of trekking to the summit, beautiful sunrise, amazing view that overlooking of Mount Merapi.

Merapi Jeep Tour
With incredible views overlooking the landscape and ruins of the last eruption effect at 2010, Merapi Volcano Jeep Adventure, Bunker Kaliadem, Batu Alien and Rumah Museum “Harta Terakhirku”, it’s no surprise that Mount Merapi is one of the most popular destinations for adventure Jeep to enjoy the sunrise or sunset on the slopes of volcano. Take an offroad Jeep to the top of an observation point overlooking the scenic landscape for panoramic views of the region. From the observation point, set off on a Jeep adventure for an unparalleled eye view of Merapi.